Scriptshadow Secrets summary is based on Carson Reeves book which in turn is based on his own blogging about screenwriting.

What is Scriptshadow Secrets summary

Scriptshadow Secrets summary is more practical than the previous two screenwriting that I´ve published which focused more on theory. In his book, Reeves goes through some of the most famous films and analyze them from a screenwriting perspective. This is one of the few summaries that I´ve written where reading the book actually not are completely necessary since the book doesn’t have any real storyline. Of course you should read the book anyway – it´s not bad.

Facts about Scriptshadow Secrets summary

Book title: Scriptshadow Secrets

Book Author(s): Carson Reeves

Summary pages: 30

Year: 2012

Genre: Screenwriting

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Of course you should visit Carson´s blog Scriptshadow to learn more about his work. It´s quite a good resource for aspiring scriptwriters and you can also submit your own script to have the chance of having it reviewed on the blog. Could be a great way to reach a large, relevant audience if you have a script you´re happy with.

scriptshadow secrets summary

Description on Amazon

Scriptshadow Secrets is the first book from popular screenwriting blogger, Carson Reeves. The book was written as an answer to the glut of tired A-Z screenwriting books that have flooded the market over the years. Instead of another extensive How-To guide, Scriptshadow Secrets looks at 50 popular movies from the past six decades and offers 10 (give or take) screenwriting tips from each. The idea is to not only teach screenwriters valuable lessons, but show how those lessons have been incorporated into successful films. This way, writers learn by example, instead of having to take the author’s word for it. From Aliens to Pirates Of The Caribbean to The Hangover to The Empire Strikes Back, Secrets teaches you screenwriting lessons from the greatest films of all time.

Author Carson Reeves began as a screenwriter himself, yet struggled to figure out the elusive formula for writing a successful screenplay. Then, about seven years ago, he started getting his hands on spec sale scripts and reading them. Within weeks, he’d learned more about screenwriting than he had in the past seven years combined. He then turned his attention from writing to helping others write. This was the genesis behind the Scriptshadow website – a way to teach screenwriting through reading professional screenplays.

The site blew up but quickly became controversial, due to Reeves breaking down material that Hollywood considered private. As such, the site’s become a “love it or hate it” fixture in both Hollywood and the screenwriting community. Still, the site has tens of thousands of aspiring screenwriters who visit daily and make it the most popular screenwriting site on the web. The site’s most popular feature, the “What I learned” section at the end of each review, was the main inspiration behind Scriptshadow Secrets, as Reeves saw how positively writers responded to quick context-relevant tips.