This is Save the cat pdf summary based on Save the cat – the last book on screenwriting you´ll ever need by Blake Snyder. I strongly recommend that you read the book – this is just a summary and will only give you a taste of the real book. Use it as a complement to the book, not a substitute.

What is Save The Cat pdf summary?

I know what you´re thinking – this is not a screenwriting blog. But I think that there are loads of stuff to learn from screenwriting if you´re working with advertising, marketing, communication or any profession where you´re working towards people.

This book is a good start when learning about the structure and principles. Read it to grasp the basics before moving on to the next screenwriting books that I´ll publish in a near future. After that you´ll have a nice little toolbox that you can use to realize your ideas and put them into a context.

Here´s the publishing plan for the coming weeks:

  1. Save the cat – the last book on screenwriting you´ll ever need by Blake Snyder
  2. The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field
  3. Scriptshadow Secrets by Carson Reeves

Facts about Save The Cat pdf summary

Book title: Save The Cat: The last book son screenwriting you´ll ever need

Book Author(s): Blake Snyder

Summary pages: 23

Year: 2005

Genre: Screenwriting

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More about Save The Cat pdf summary

Check out Blake Snyder´s blog to read more about the book and find tons of other stuff on screenwriting. Below is a video of a few Save The Cat examples.

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