Hi there.

I’m Kim, a Hyper Island-bred Creative with 6+ years of experience in advertising as Digital Concept Developer and Copywriter. This is my story so far.

As a boy, I used to dislike school. But all that changed when I started University and could pick my own courses. I kicked off my career with a Bachelor in Marketing and spiced it with a Master in Computer Science to get a digital edge. My studies landed me a job as a content writer at a tech startup in Stockholm. As the wordsmith of the team, I quickly recognised that I had a talent for coming up with interesting stories, so I went on to study Storytelling at Nordic Business Institute.

After travelling around the world for 5 months while documenting the escapades in my travel blog, it hit me that my writing skills in combination with my background in digital marketing were a good fit for advertising. So I joined Hyper Island and realised that it wasn’t the actual words that triggered me the most but the idea behind them. Writing was just my natural tool for shaping, expressing and refining ideas and stories.

I continued my journey at Mother where I worked with Powerade before I joined the Volkswagen team at DDB. A few years and children later I landed at Jung von Matt, working with MINI and Nikon.

At the beginning of 2018, I quit my job and founded a home décor shop in Berlin called Willekulla, selling sustainable and authentic products from small Scandinavian brands. This is something that I always wanted to do – start something from scratch. After 9 months the webshop became more profitable than the physical shop, and I handed everything over to my wife.

In September 2018 I started working at the startup agency Fraser as a Senior Copywriter. Our primary client was Mercedes-AMG, for whom we helped to launch AMG Performance Wear – racing clothes made by racers.

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