The Power of Habit Summary

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This is The Power of Habit Summary. If you´re interested in behavior, this is the book for you.

Duhigg´s book can be applied to a lot of fields, and I think that it is a good read for anyone that is working with communication, marketing and advertising. And if you´re getting drunk too often it should be useful for that as well. Since this is The Power of Habit Summary and not the whole book I advise you to buy the book as well to get the most out of the concept that Duhigg talks about. The Power of Habit Summary is just keywords from the book squeezed into 18 pages. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope you like it. Vists Charles Duhigg´s website to read more about the book. 

Hard facts

Book name: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
Book Author(s): Charles Duhigg
Summary pages: 18
Year: 2012
Genre: Psychology, Organizational behavior

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What´s The Power of Habit Summary about?

The Power of Habit Summary contains the key concepts from the book about how habits are created and how to replace old habits with new ones. It’s a lot about psychology and behavior, a little about neuroscience. But I think that the most valuable part is that you can apply its content to practically any field you like. The Power of Habit Summary is not domain specific but contains rather universal knowledge that can be used to change people – both you and others. It is a great book, perhaps one of the most interesting that I’ve read if I consider the potential in its core idea. You should fucking read it.

the power of habit summary

the power of habit summary