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This is the summary of Storytelling Branding in practice written by Klaus Fog. You can download the full sumamry at the bottom of this post.

Storytelling Branding in practice – Chapter 1

  • In the beginning: stories were told around the campfire, strengthening and shaping the tribe identity, gave it values and created a reputation towards other tribes.
  • Stories define who we are and what we stand for
  • Religious stories gave people meaning and guidelines for how to live – think the bible
  • Stories bring together and inspire people – think the American dream
  • Western economy is driven by emotions and the good life – stories is in higher demand
  • Nobody is telling us what to do or think – we have so many choices which let us pick the story that fits our own identity the most
  • We signal to the outside through symbols aka brands – the brand tells others who we are and what we stand for. We navigate with brands.
  • We vote with our shopping-cart, we express ourselves though consumption
  • We are becoming increasingly immaterial and are more influenced by our emotions.
  • We want products that provide us with unique experiences. There must be added immaterial value to the product.
  • Solid values must be built into a brand
  • Storytelling builds a bridge between company and consumer
  • The brand story gradually becomes synonymous with how we define ourselves as individuals, products becomes symbols we use to tell stories.
  • Tell a story about how your company makes a difference!
  • A strong brand is a combination of facts and emotions. We buy with our hearts.
  • First create a product that the customer can rationalize about, and then add value with your brand
  • A brand is the perceived value that a company or product represents.
  • The difference lies in the story
  • Human seeks stories and experiences on our quest for a meaningful life
  • Brand must differentiate based on values
  • Make a story that the customer and employees can identify with
  • Storytelling and branding = emotions and values
  • A strong brand build on clearly defines values, a good story communicates those values in an understandable language
  • A good story creates bonds

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