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E-cars are the future of transportation. But one major obstacle for e-mobility to take off is that people don’t know much about it. Volkswagens vision is to change that and came to us with a mission: democratize e-mobility and make people realize that e-mobility is possible for everyone. So we brought in two persons that ought to know more about the future than anyone in this galaxy: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek.



Using Shatner and Nimoy as ambassadors for the future we created a digital platform that educated people about e-mobility. I developed the concept for the website and worked with the UX.

 Volkswagen Star Trek


Volkswagen Star Trek



The E-mobility Bot

To get people´s attention we needed to make e-mobility fun. Therefore we created an interactive chatbot featuring Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner from Star Trek. The bot was filled with facts about e-mobility and its language were adjusted to Nimoy and Shatner unique tonality, generating a richer experience that added a feeling of Star Trek and future.

We programmed the bot so that Shatner and Nimoy didn’t just answer but also asked people follow-up questions, always with a touch humor. This increased the chances that the user would stay onsite which in turn gave us more time to educate her about e-mobility.


Volkswagen Star Trek


Volkswagen Star Trek


e-mobility bot examples

Q: Are electric cars slow?

Not really. The e-Golf accelerates 0-60km/h in 4,2 seconds. Fascinating, isn´t it?  (Link to video “Slow”)

Q: Can you charge an electric car in the rain?

Yes, my friend. Yes. It is completely safe to charge your car in the rain. Anyone saying something else is highly illogical.

Q: Why are electric cars so ugly?

Have a look at the e-Golf and compare it to a classic Golf – can you see any difference? Or check out the XL1 – it makes my spaceship look like a medieval monastery.

Q: How safe is it to drive an electric car?

Fear not, Volkswagens advanced safety systems will protect you from evil forces. You can read more about them here(Link to Volkswagens safety systems page)

Q: Are electric cars complicated to use?

An electric car is not as complicated as my previous vehicle, I can tell you that much. In fact, I can control the charging from my phone so I don´t even need my Tricorder anymore.

Q: Where can I buy an XL1?

Sign up for the world´s most fuel-efficient car here and drive where no man has driven before.(Link to XL1 signup page)

e-mobility: The Final Frontier

This is a tweaked version of the famous intro of Star Trek that I wrote as a teaser film for the campaign. The goal was to create a visually beautiful clip that associated Volkswagen with Star Trek without actually mentioning the film (we didn´t have the rights to use “Star Trek”).



The camera starts from behind and we see all Volkswagens e-cars driving in a triangular formation (e-golf, e-up, XL1) under the star-spangled sky. In front of them is nothing but a long road.

VO: e-mobility: the final frontier
The camera comes closer to the cars.

VO: These are the voyages of Volkswagen
The camera slowly pans out to take a side perspective of the cars. At the same time we see that the darkness is slowly easing.

VO: Our five-year mission:
The camera slowly sweeps beside the cars as they are driving. It passes the e-golf.

VO: To seek out new technologies
The camera sweeps past the XL1 in the front – we can see its futuristic look and a glimpse of two faces inside that´s covered with a shadow.

VO: To democratize e-mobility
The camera pans again and we can see all cars from the front, still driving. In the background we can see mountains.

VO: To boldly drive where no man has driven before
The camera stops in front of the cars that still are driving. It is now dusk and we can see the big sun rising over the mountains behind the troop of electric cars. The sunlight uncovers the two faces inside the XL1 and we see William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock).


Volkswagen Star Trek


October 2014


DDB Berlin

My Role
Concept, Copy, Wireframes