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Beetle Karmann  doesn’t really have any unique features but focus is on its elegant look and classy design. With this in mind I developed two ideas – one stunt where we asked people to prove that they were classy enough for the Beetle Karmann, and one product film starring a man and his intimate relationship with Beetle Karmann.


Stunt film


Script: a classy affair

(Main features of the car in italic)

We see a Beetle Karmann driving towards an airport with the electric soft-top in sioux-brown retracted. The sun is reflecting against the car´s hood. Beside the elegantly dressed man sits his beautiful girlfriend and in the backseat is a Louis Vuitton weekend bag that rests against the armrest with stitching’s in Artgrey.

He stops the car outside the airport. His girlfriend does not look over-excited – it´s obvious that she´s going to miss her darling. The man looks on the other hand very happy, caressing his girlfriend on her shoulder with a smile on his face.

He leans over his girlfriend to kiss her goodbye and at the same time opens the door with sides in Titan Black for her. The girlfriend steps out of the car looking a little disappointed, takes her bag in the backseat and walks slowly towards the airport door. Her high-heeled shoes are filmed as they step over the upper doorsills in body color.

As soon as the girlfriend has disappeared, he opens the matte optic designed compartment storage. He takes out his Wayfarer´s and a pair of brown leather gloves and puts them on. He turns on music and the camera zooms on his hand as it moves the gearshift knob with new graphics.

We film his elegant shoes as they push down the alloy pedals to accelerate with the textile floor mats with stitching’s in Sioux in the background. He drives through an alley of palm trees, looking like he´s enjoying life. The road is going uphill and we get a full view of the car in front of the elegant background. The camera zooms in on one of the 18” wheel discs and we can see the landscape passing by in its mirror image.

As his brown leather gloves are squeezing the wheel we see the Steering wheel clip with badge and model name. He pounds his fingers in rhythm to the music. The camera films his face as he´s subtly nodding to the music and we can see a glimpse of the headrest with colored stitching’s in the background. The man parks his Beetle Karmann on the top of the hill with an epic view over the city. He walks out, opens the trunk and grabs a picnic basket containing a silk blanket and a bottle of champagne.

He puts down the basket, takes out the bottle of champagne and shakes it. He opens the bottle with a bang and sprays it over his Beetle Karmann while making a grimace. We film in ultra slow motion as the champagne flows over the hood with the Karmann chrome badge in center and drips down on the ground.

He grabs the silk blanket from the basket and gently sweeps it over the side mirror covers in Chrome in an almost erotic way. The sun reflects in the cars shiny refinish as the man take the silk blanket to his mouth and suck it a bit to taste the champagne.

Chart: Beetle Karmann. A Classy Affair.


July 2014


DDB Berlin

My Role
Concept and Scripts