Powerade HydroSense




Drink too little or too much and your performance won‘t be as good as it could have been, meaning that you are wasting all the hours that you´ve put on training.


We create an intelligent shirt that measures your sweat loss in real-time and gives you instant recommendations on how much water or Powerade you need to drink to reach a perfect fluid balance.

Powerade Hydrosense

how does it work?

The sensors that measure sweat rate, developed by Ghent University, are woven into the fabric of the shirt. The result will show both how much water or how much Powerade you need to drink to regain a perfect fluid balance, proving Powerades superiority compared to water.

Powerade Hydrosense

hydrosense Marathon

We create a story around a marathon runner and follow him in his preparation for a big competition through documentary webisodes.

During the marathon, we place billboards along the track that shows the world live data of how much sweat he have lost and how much water or Powerade he needs to drink.

The runner would also wear a tiny camera that streams the run from his perspective on Powerades website, where people also can see live statistics about his hydration.


Powerade Hydrosense

From campaign to product

Powerade develops a consumer product from the prototype in collaboration with Adidas, who´s already a close partner to Powerade. The data from the shirt is added to Adidas running app where completely new metrics for measuring performance are presented.

Powerade Hydrosense


May 2013