Find Home Decor Stores


Inredy is a global community for home decor stores, expecting to launch in beta during spring 2016. Check out the WIP version of the project here.


Phase 1: Build

I´ll map 1000 home decor stores in Sweden and make them easy to filter/find. A “claim” function let store owners take control over their own page if they want to.

Phase 2: Convert

When I reach a certain amount of traffic I´ll approach the store owners and ask them to take over their page – it has a lot of traffic, so why wouldn´t they? It´s fucking free.

Phase 3: Monetize

When a certain amount of store owners have taken over their store I will implement a Woocommerce-based marketplace that lets every store list products on their page. This will drive even more traffic to the site.

Phase 4: Scale

After that I will expand to the rest of the Nordics, Europe and finally the world.

Phase 5: Expand

I implement a B2B marketplace where stores in different countries can buy, sell and trade home decor globally.