Failing to see the big context

How can you find your place in a world that is limited by categories, names and assumptions? People attach a meaning to words because it’s easy. It makes them feel safe since they can keep their knowledge organized in their head. A predetermined label is easier than creating an own, even if it isn´t completely true. (more…)

Killing the noise

Unless it inspires, contributes or help, marketing is fucking pollution that poison our minds . There is so much irrelevance floating around our noses every day that I’m sometimes glad that my nose is so bad at recognizing smells that it would have a hard time separating a pile of shit from chocolate pudding. (more…)

Old ideas is the foundation for new ideas

I sometimes see people spit on ideas because they build on old ones. Using old ideas, they say, is stealing and strangles innovation like a serial killer that had too much cocaine. Old ideas are for people aren’t creative enough to come up with their own. But isn’t all ideas reworked in one way or another? (more…)

Schools kill creativity

This is an old talk (2006) by Ken Robinson about how schools kill our childrens creativity. If you haven´t seen it you should. Not just because of the brilliant content of the speech, but also because it in my opinion is the perfect speech from a performance view. (more…)