Kim Hartman

Digital Creative


I´m Kim, a Hyper Island bred swedish creative working at DDB Berlin. This is the short version of my 32 years long story.

I started with a Bachelor in marketing and spiced it with a Master in computer science to get a digital edge. My studies landed me a job as content writer at a tech startup in Stockholm. As the writer of the team I quickly realized that I had a talent for coming up with interesting stories, so I went on to study Storytelling at Nordic Business Institute.

After travelling around the world for 5 months writing 100 pages in my travel blog, I was stuck. The art of Storytelling had a firm grip around my balls. I now understood that my writing skills in combination with my background in digital marketing was a good fit for advertising. So I joined Hyper Island and realized that it wasn’t the actual words that triggered me the most but the idea behind them. Writing was just my natural tool for expressing ideas.

I continued my journey at Mother before I ended up in the digital team at DDB, mostly working with Volkswagen but also for Sony, Bwin and Electrolux. And that is where you find me today; full with ideas, still hungry for more.